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String Saver Classics

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"I like String Saver saddles because they save my strings from breaking...I've been using them now for at least 10 years, if not longer, and I've noticed a significant decrease in string breakage...I hardly ever break strings anymore.  I'm so much a fan of the Graph Tech product that I'm actually going to be including them on my Signature Series Stratocaster that's coming out very soon.  That's a good testament to the quality of the product"

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Reprise Recording Artist

How do they work? Each String Saver Classic saddle insert, is impregnated with PTFE, the slipperiest substance on earth. The PTFE in String Savers eases the grip between the saddle and string, spreading the stress over a greater portion of the string, just enough to drastically reduce string breakage.  PTFE is 500% more slippery than graphite and is impregnated throughout the String Saver material, so its lubricating properties will never wear out.  For string breakage reduction the difference is dramatic.  Strings that last and last, no matter how hard you play...we guarantee it!  Imagine how you would play if you didn't have to worry about breaking strings.

What do they sound like?
String Saver Classics are designed to preserve the original classic sound of your guitar. But, don't be surprised if you end up playing and sounding better when you don't have any more fear of breaking strings.

595 kr
595 kr
645 kr

String Saver Classics Gold Strat Off-set

OBS! Detta är ett set i Guld
645 kr
6L6 GC

JJ Electronics

1.095 kr
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JJ Electronics !!

EL 84 åter i lager !!

285 kr
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Black Paisley !!

Kommer snart...äntligen

Dunlop® Strap Lock

En billig försäkring så du inte tappar ditt instrument

235 kr
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Filset !!

Bra att fila översadlar med, längd ca 20cm. Detta filset är bra för Elgitarr

725 kr
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